@BowWow heads back to the WOMB… in Shibuya that is


2010 and 2011 has been a rough period for concert organizers in Japan.  Between sudden cancellations by artists, beef between promoters and the Tohoku earthquake wiping more than 3 months of concerts from the Japan music scene it is no wonder that fans are a bit apprehensive to buy advance tickets.

However, in the case of the Bow Wow Tour being brought to us by 2REntertainment and Starnite Entertainment everything seems legit.  Fox channels will be airing an interview with the artist on their brand new BS238 channel, MTV has begun raffeling off tickets to a few lucky fans via their website and the Universal Japan twitter has been grinding out tweets to promote the tour.

But probably the best PR for the event was provided for Bow Wow himself when he tweeted in Japanese that he’d be performing in Japan.

For those who’ve not yet had the opportunity to party in Shibuya, one of the most famous clubs in Tokyo with the hottest sound system is a spot called Shibuya WOMB.  People such as A-Trak and Trey Songz have performed there in the past, and now this Thursday, October 27th Bow Wow will also be headed back to the Womb.

What made Bow Wow’s tweet the great topic of conversation was the direct translation of WOMB (the club uses the Western alphabet, rather than Japanese) into it’s Japanese Kanji form 子宮 It is unlikely that many Japanese were actually aware of the real meaning of WOMB.  This random use of English words for aesthetics by the entertainment industry and graphic designers is rather common in Japan.   Well, one can imagine the confusion when fans tried to figure out where the ‘womb of shibuya’ was and why Bow Wow would be performing there.  lol

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity just poor spin.  It would seem to be true in Bow Wow’s case, as his optimistic use of Google translate provided a fun conversation starter for music fans.

Bow Wow’s concert tour is as follows and for those of you unable to make it to Tokyo yours truly will be live tweeting the entire week 🙂

Thursday, October 27th – Shibuya Womb
Friday, October 28th – Yokohama Blitz & Starnite Chiba
Saturday, October 29th – Diamond Hall Nagoya
Sunday, October 30th – Universe Osaka

For tickets, please visit the e+ link below:

For more details about the tour, please visit:

#np @Shane_eli ‘Grey Area’


‘Everything I’m not made me everything I am’

Seeing a fellow halfie make it and do what they love always gives me joy.  But for me what made this song particularly special is that he talks about his experience as a bi-racial kid in his lyrics.

Despite how many biracial kids working music and the arts it’s not common to hear them directly address the issue in a public forum.  It’s also not considered to be as significantly worth studying or examining by many compared to the issues of other minorities. (Yes, I consider biracial to be a separate minority group!)

That’s why when I heard Shane Eli’s ‘grey area’ it brought an extra smile to hear him talk about the struggles of growing up with a dual identity and the judgement often passed on those of us straddling two different worlds.

Go halfie!

You can cop his full project  here

Interview with DJ @spinzhoodrich : Konnichiwa Japan!

If experience and skill are a direct result of age then DJ Spinz must be 44, but it makes sense that he’s twice as able as his peers seeing as he grinds for twice as many hours as there are in a day.  Renowned as a DJ, respected as a producer, if he says they’re going to be a hit then platinum album sales and sold-out tours are only a time zone away.  A rising favorite out of the South, he recently came through Japan on the Travis Porter tour as their DJ.

Name: DJ Spinz
Occupation: Producer/DJ
Twitter: @SpinzHoodrich
Tumblr: spinzhoodrich.tumblr.com

@TokyoTwilighter : How long were you in Tokyo for?

DJ Spinz : I was there for four days (October 7-10, 2011)

@TokyoTwilighter : What part of your Tokyo trip will you definitely be telling friends back home about?

DJ Spinz : Everything, it was a great experience. From the scenery, to the clubs, to the people, it was a great atmosphere. I enjoyed my stay.  

@TokyoTwilighter : Any differences between the DJ experience in Tokyo compared

Photo By : DJ Yaz (location Fussa Kamikaze)

to stateside?

DJ Spinz : Of course there were going to be some differences but the scene definitely surprised me, they were playing a lot of songs that we play back home in the States (at the clubs, in the shops, etc.)

@TokyoTwilighter : You tweeted about being impressed by the remote control AC, any other Japanese technology that you want to take back to the US?

DJ Spinz : There were a lot of complex and unique buildings. I really like Japanese architecture. It’s advanced, really their whole society is a bit advanced.

@TokyoTwilighter : Where did you shop and what did you get to take home?

DJ Spinz : I picked up a jacket from the Armani Store and the new Gucci Guilty fragrance from the Gucci store. I also grabbed some Japanese memorabilia (key chains, etc)

@TokyoTwilighter : How was the party scene and where did you go?

DJ Spinz : We went to four different spots, can’t remember all of the names of the venues but they were dope!

East Makes West : DJ Yaz and DJ Spinz

@TokyoTwilighter : Did you learn any Japanese words?

DJ Spinz : Konnichiwa. . . that’s about it lol

@TokyoTwilighter : Any recommendations for friends traveling to Tokyo?

DJ Spinz : Enjoy it, soak it all up and go check out the Asian women. . . they turnt up.

@TokyoTwilighter : What do you definitely want to do next time that you missed out on this time?

DJ Spinz : Get some authentic Japanese Hibachi Food!!!!!

[Editor’s Note : For those looking for Hibachi in Japan, it’s called Teppanyaki here :)]

#Np Terius Nash – Long Gone

The lyrics were so blunt and raw, much appreciated.

Entire album 1977 is available for free download here

#np Mac Miller – Donald Trump

Learned about Mac Miller via ILuvLola.net For all you tumblr fans out there you’ll be excited to know the site is a tumblr 😉


Tokyo Regular : Interview with @BHowardMusic

While more and more artists are becoming one-dimensional in their skills set, B. Howard goes completely in the other direction.  Talented singer, dancer, writer, producer, the similarities to [insert obvious name here] are beyond stunning.  It’s not surprising that Tokyo, always ahead of the curve in recognizing bright futures, has been inviting him to their country for nearly half a decade.

Name: B. Howard
Occupation: Musician
Twitter: @BHowardMUSIC
@TokyoTwilighter : You’ve got quite a fan base in Japan, how did that relationship with the Japanese market come about?
I give Credit to the Music for my relationship with the Japanese Market. Previous to my “Supermodel” single I had produced and written for other Japanese artists such as Double and W-inds  and established my name in Japan.
@TokyoTwilighter : How many times have you been to Tokyo?
I have been to Tokyo over 10 times 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : What was the most surprising thing you experienced?
The most surprising thing I have experienced in Japan was the crowd dancings and participating during the show.  It brought such a warmth to my heart .
@TokyoTwilighter : Did you try any interesting foods or drinks?
I have tried many foods and drinks (in Japan), and I love Sushi and Udon lol 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : Where did you party?
When I am in Japan I enjoy the F-bar and secluded locations in Yokohama .. also I enjoy the private video game room the venues have 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : What did you buy for friends and family as souvenirs?
I brought a souvenir coin from the Tokyo Tower, Hi Chews (chewy fruit flavored candy similar to American Starburst) lol and a Kimono 🙂
@TokyoTwilighter : What do you definitely want to do next time you visit that you missed out on your previous trip?
On my return to Tokyo I definitely want to visit Tokyo Disneyland !

#np AILI ft. Warren G / This L.U.V


This video made me laugh… and not in a good way.  Judging on the date this was a post-3.11 let’s make Japan feel energized again inspired collaboration, but why does Warren G look so damn awkward?  All I could think was, how much did Avex pay you to dance like that?

Universal Lover x2 Dirtayyy remix

Reebok x Wallpaper* Design Diaries — Fabio Novembre

Limited Edition STUSSY iPhone Protecter

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