#np @Shane_eli ‘Grey Area’


‘Everything I’m not made me everything I am’

Seeing a fellow halfie make it and do what they love always gives me joy.  But for me what made this song particularly special is that he talks about his experience as a bi-racial kid in his lyrics.

Despite how many biracial kids working music and the arts it’s not common to hear them directly address the issue in a public forum.  It’s also not considered to be as significantly worth studying or examining by many compared to the issues of other minorities. (Yes, I consider biracial to be a separate minority group!)

That’s why when I heard Shane Eli’s ‘grey area’ it brought an extra smile to hear him talk about the struggles of growing up with a dual identity and the judgement often passed on those of us straddling two different worlds.

Go halfie!

You can cop his full project  here

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