11.18.2011 [Fri] Budamunk / Blunted Monkey Fist Release Party


Jazzy Sport has yet to lead me astray when it comes to good music.  A dope independent label based out of Japan artists signed with them include hip hop trio Gagle, DJ and producer Twigy, songstress Mika Arisaka and more.

Budamunk has been getting a lot of chatter on the production side of music for his profound beat-making and strong networking skills on the Japanese domestic scene as well as international level.  His music manages to achieve that tricky balance of remaining true to the roots of real hip hop without compromising his Japanese heritage.  A signature of all his beats includes samplings of traditional Japanese instrumentals, lines from old Japanese movies or TV and of course Japanese ‘nihongo’ rap lyrics.  For those looking for a chill evening out with some real hardcore music lovers Club Bar Family will be the spot to check out this Friday.

2011.11.18[Fri] at club bar family
OPEN : 22:30
ADV : 2,000yen-1d, 1,500yen-1d with flyer


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