Tuesday Night… Let’s go to Harlem in SHIBUYA


Almost everyone that has been to Japan has heard of the legendary Club Harlem.  Legendary for many reasons:  It’s one of the longest running ‘black music’ clubs in Japan; It has some funny rules about which foreigners and how many can enter their venue; and it is VERY picky about it’s promoters as not just anyone can throw a party there.

That said, it is a great spot to party at and for me in particular I love the upstairs BX Cafe.  The DJs here tend towards the old-school joints that has people dancing (and I mean actually dancing, not grinding) and vibing.  It’s less crowded than the main floor and for those with money to burn there’s a spacious VIP section with GIANT American style black leather couches to relax in.

I’m still at home on my bum leg, but I encourage anyone with time tonight to stop through.


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  1. Hey!

    What are the rules for foreigners?
    I’ll be in Tokyo next May and I want to watch Dj Komori djing there, but I feel upset thinking that I may not be able to get inside… 😦

    – Chris

    Pd- Nice blog 😉

    • depends on the place he’s DJing but most places are okay as long as you have an over 20 I.D…. Komori is a DOPE Dj, you’ll enjoy his set.

      • Thanks for the reply =)

        BTW, I was talking about Harlem; Komori is there every wed. [Party naked@Harlem]… I guess I’ll have to just try. Anyway, I don’t look like a drug dealer or a punk xD

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