#np ‘Summer Symphony’ #jMusic reflecting the #jLife

Below is version 2 with the kickass hip hop group PSG

It suddenly got FREEZING cold in Tokyo and with my heater only slightly functioning I turned to some summer jams to warm me up (half of everything is mental right?)

I appreciate how beautiful composed the music is, and the featuring of PSG on the second version gracefully complements the subtleties of this chilled out tune.  However for me the best part of this PV (PV = promotional video, known as music video in American English) is the fact that I see familiar scenes of Japanese life in the videos.

For example, seeing clothing hanging haphazardly in version 2 might be a bachelor’s lifestyle of dealing with space constraints in a small Japanese apartment.  However, another possible could be that since we dry our clothes on the porch on sunny days most homes don’t have dryers.  Although when time passes quickly and laundry piles up we definitely find ourselves hanging articles of clothing indoors to dry as well.

At the end of version 2 we see members of PSG get together with the singer for the original version Keiichi Sokabe.  They meet in a typical Japanese izakaya (drinking place) for drinks at the end of a long musical collaboration.

It is always nice to see quality music paired with sensitive videos that capture the original culture and mood of the music.

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