Happy New Year Tokyo — 2012

Well, 2012 finally made it.  There were a few moments during the apocalyptic events of 2011 I was wondering if I should start preparing for life in a cardboard box… or maybe a world filled with people that had limbs growing out of their head but neither happened and for that fact alone I am very thankful.

To recap 2011 would no doubt undermine the significance of the events and people that were part of my life for a fateful year that I will look back to in a year, five years, and at the end of my life as a major turning point in my life.  I walked towards new opportunities, exciting projects and away from distractions, ideas with infinite loose ends.

For those that follow me on twitter, or know me in real life, you’re aware of the ups and downs I experienced, as well as the amazing chances to meet celebrities, innovators, old friends, new friends and a potential love.

And with that in mind I am excited to embrace the turning over of the year.  I strongly believe everything I have succeeded in, challenged myself to try and endured for the greater picture set the foundation of experiences and compassion of heart to move me towards a 2012 filled with happiness, love and excellence.

Thank you for supporting me and I look forward to deepening our relationship as time continues forward.





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