Top Tokyo Party Blogger @maisassygirl


Ms. Mai is one of those Tokyo people that you’ll see in all your mutual friends photos, hear about from colleagues and clients and then finally meet and think… ‘Wow not what I expected but in a good way.’  🙂


Undefinable, I am still learning about what it is she does exactly, but simply put from my understanding she produces solid results on products, people, brands and concepts to create buzz, trends and word-of-mouth on anything that she takes under her ‘angel wings’.


Ms. Mai is an Asian-American transplant into the Tokyo party community and I never ceased to be amazed by how well she communicates and understands her market and projects without having grown up here or by speaking only a basic level of Japanese.  But what I believe makes her great is exactly that lack prejudice and influence from third party forcing her decision-making process to be dependent on her other senses of sight, sound, taste and touch.  With language being irrelevant she approaches every new venture from a breathtakingly refreshing point-of-view.


Her outlook is fun, bubbly but still constructively critical and profound for those able to read behind the lines on her blog or tweets.  On the guest list for every major hot event, close to nearly all the major models in Japanese fashion as well as key celebrities, watching her status grow from blogger to event coordinator to taste maker and soon to be mommy has been voyeuristic pleasure within the Tokyo digital realm for me as well as many others worldwide.


Follow her on twitter or check out her blog



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