Whitney Houston live in Japan

Whitney performing in Osaka, Japan circa 1991

Then in 2010 Japan got a special treat when Ms. Houston sold out the Saitama Super Arena 3 DAYS IN A ROW.

And she nailed those last 3 notes of ‘I Will Always Love You’

She wasn’t washed up, she was reborn every time she walked onto that stage, blessed be that phoenix who rose from her own ashes.

Japan will miss you.




Whitney Houston (Vocal)
Michael Baker (Drums, Musical Director)
Sherrod Barnes (Guitars)
Matthew Garrison (Bass)
Jetro Da Silva (Keyboards)
Shedrick Mitchell (Keyboards)
Adi Yashaya (Keyboards)
Bashiri Johnson (Percussion)
Cindy Mizelle (Background Vocals)
Valerie Pinkston (Background Vocals)
Sharlotte Gibson (Backgournd Vocals)
Gary Houston (Background Vocals)
Dres Reid (Dancer)
Shannon Holtzappfel (Dancer)
Ryan Chandler (Dancer)
Tre Holloway (Dancer)

■ セットリスト:ホイットニー・ヒューストン@さいたまスーパーアリーナ
Setlist : Whitney Houston @ Saitama Super Arena, February 14, 2010

show started 16:15
00. Intro
01. For The Lovers [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
02. Nothin’ But Love [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
03. I Look To You[From CD “I Look To You”2009]
04. My Love Is Your Love [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
05. If I Told You That [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
06. It’s Not Right But It’s OK [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998] (Whitney out of stage)
07. For The Love Of You (Sung by Gary Houston) [Isley Brothers, Whitney]
08. Queen Of The Night [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]
–. Video Montage (One Moment In Time) [Recorded Song]
(Whitney came back on stage)
09. (Unplugged Medley #09-12) Saving All My Love For You [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
10. The Greatest Love Of All [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
11. All At Once [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
12. I Learned From The Best [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
13. Amazing Grace [Traditional]
14. I Love The Lord [From CD “Preacher’s Wife”1996]
—-. A riff of “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Missing You”, “You’re The Man In My Life”(Lady In My Life).
15. I Wanna Dance With Somebody [From CD “Whitney”1987]
16. How Will I Know [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
17. I Will Always Love You [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]

Enc. Million Dollar Bill [From CD “I Look To You”2009]

show ended 18:01

[ Saitama Super Arena show info via here]

See more photos from the 2010 Japan tour here

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