Short Film : Hifana is Beat-Makers, Sound Collectors, Rhythm Streakers


Hifana is ‘Fresh, Push, Breakin’

“The idea might occur to you, but no one else would actually do it, right?”

That’s HIFANA.

Their music is original, their energy is unmatched and their style is authentic.

‘Sound collectors’ that gather a cacaphony of audio to mix, mash and crash together into a symphony that captures culture, inspiration and entertainment.

Their visuals match, complement and sometimes even surpass the wildly unrestrained creativity in the music.

Crazy about rhythm, the enthusiasm is infectious.

Launch off into Hifana’s world.

Very thankful to W+K Tokyo Lab for putting English subtitles into this film about the HIFANA duo KeizoMachine! and Juicy.

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