I have two dreams… one is to be able to call myself a ‘successful writer’ and the other is to eat brownies everyday without becoming too fat to shop in Tokyo.  I’m on the road to step one… step two will probably remain a dream. 

I love to window shop, surf the web and blog.  10 years ago this would have made me a geeky nerd with unmatched socks and poor people skills, thankfully in 2011 this makes me one of the cool kids. 

I’ve lived in Buffalo, I’ve lived in Tokyo and I like to think this makes me a grounded small town girl with a city girl’s eye for styles and trends.   I’ve spent more of my life in Tokyo and consider it my home.  Ask me about it and if I don’t know the answer then one of my friends on twitter probably does.

You can find me on the web as Mariko Lochridge or @TokyoTwilighter… and just to complicate things, NEITHER of those are my real names.  I know… that seems very sneaky but I’m sure any junior high schooler with google skills and a little time on their hands could probably deduce my entire life story in less than 2 hours with less than that.  Let’s try and keep some of the mystery alive if we can though.

If you have inquiries, writing assignments, really good brownie recipes or just feel I have the answer to a question please contact me via this page here.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

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