A Review of : Osiris DCLXVI – Mix 001 by @MrTikini #NP

From @MrTikini

From @MrTikini

What I’ve been waiting on /// Osiris DCLXVI 

Mix 001 by @MrTikini

Words by @TokyoTwilighter

I’ve been in anticipation of THIS mix by good friend, collaborator of choice and DOPE DJ – MR. Tikini ever since we first met year over half a decade back.

One of the MOST talented people I know, not just because he can spin but because he is one of the FEW non-Japanese residents that has been successful in connecting the Japanese music scene with the outside world.  His attention to the nuances of Japanese culture and his sincere admiration for the dope artists here make for amazing collaborations and sound results.

For me personally I have seen my good friend go through transitions professionally and personally that from my perspective have finally found a creative outlet in this new mix series.  The vibe is raw like a live mix, but smooth and refined in a way that reflects pre-meditation and life experience.

At first I thought the mix was a bit dark, much like a lot of the Japan scene has been of late.  Hard beats and lyrics that reflect a hustler attitude and non-stop grind, but then the transition around minute 14 shows an almost naive hope, a re-birth maybe.   And when I heard the innocent voice of Darren’s adorable mixed son speaking in English it confirmed what I already knew, this mix was about more than an eclectic selection from the ‘real’ music scene, it was a tribute to the collection of experiences in the British-born/Japan-kidnapped/one-half Spexsavers Mr. Tikini’s emotional state as of late.

This is by no means, ‘a pretty mix’, it’s for lovers of the paranormal, those experienced in heartbreak and emotional explosion.  Those of us able to be unbridled in our fury and desperate in our passion.  From around track 10 – Cas Ft Sheg Nasa – Spaced, the British hip hop influenced and slightly grimey London scene makes its presence known.  Check out the video’s visuals below.

In a lot of ways, I found the mix hard to listen to.  It brought up some emotions in me that I didn’t expect, raw feelings about life and the grind I personally have been on that have been a trial to deal with as of late.  For Tikini, I wonder if it was in that mind state that he free flowed in the booth to create this mix.

At the risk of alienating other age groups, the late 20s, early 30s range that me and my close friends are moving through right now involves a lot of transition and traditional lifetime milestones (marriage, kids, promotions, death of family members, etc.) It is also a moment where a lot of us are trying to decide if we can purse a passion as a full-time career and whether our responsibilities and relationships are adding unnecessary weight to our creative process.  It is a time to decide, is now the moment to be ‘selfish’?  Or am I beyond that opportunity because of my life decisions?  Am I prepared to live with the financial, familial and career consequences of my choices?

Perhaps I am reading too much into the mix, but as I listened to the raw sounds that blended into a short soundtrack to a snippet of my life that’s what I got out of it.

Not for the tame of heart, this mix will make you think.  And if it doesn’t, then you may want to check purgatory cuz your soul is lost in between this world and the next.

Photo by Jesse Freeman

Design by Reuben Cape:
Photography by Jesse Freeman:
Engineered by Kazuhiro Namba:


‘I heart’ Japanese R&B


BMXers “spin” out fresh beats on bikes and ramps

I don’t even know what this is, a bike?  A turntable?  DOPE!

Another example that inspiration, hip hop and graceful athleticism complement each other in a way that you have to see and hear to get.

via Hip Hop 101 

#np Crystal Kay ☆ Delicious na Kinyoubi

@TokyoTwilighter makes her video debut!

Enjoy a ‘Where’s Waldo’ of trying to find Mariko

I was SO excited when I saw this high-quality version of the Japanese songstress Crystal Kay’s latest music video, not only because it is a great song and she’s an amazing lady, BUT because I AM IN THE VIDEO.  Yes, I know that I often lecture that ALL CAPS are unnecessary but in this moment I find them 100% appropriate.

Now, I realized that since the scenes and sequences move quite quickly that it may be hard for anyone, even my mom, to pick me out of the enthusiastic bowling party crowd at first.  However, I am in over 20 shots, and once you find me, it’s like I just keep jumping out of nowhere throughout the video… look!  Mariko!  And again!  And again!

I am rocking the awesome Marc Jacobs glasses, blue shirt and thick yellow and black necklace I was lent to via Ms. @GyeNyame 🙂

Oh and Crystal looks pretty amazing in the video as well 🙂



Tune into web radio program @JapanVB



JVB – Japan Visionary Broadcasting

Your weekend has now officially begun.

A refreshing option to going out, enjoy good music and great DJs at home or in the office to get your weekend started.  You can tune in free to Japan Visionary Broadcasting via live web streaming.  Spinning a variety of good music, the DJs positive vibes and great energy transmit from their ‘secret’ studio location through to your PC, iPad or smart phone no matter what time zone you may be in.

Check it out 🙂





DJ Mitsu the Beats-My Simple ft. Aruma & 孤独少年 ft. S.L.A.C.K.

Whitney Houston live in Japan

Whitney performing in Osaka, Japan circa 1991

Then in 2010 Japan got a special treat when Ms. Houston sold out the Saitama Super Arena 3 DAYS IN A ROW.

And she nailed those last 3 notes of ‘I Will Always Love You’

She wasn’t washed up, she was reborn every time she walked onto that stage, blessed be that phoenix who rose from her own ashes.

Japan will miss you.




Whitney Houston (Vocal)
Michael Baker (Drums, Musical Director)
Sherrod Barnes (Guitars)
Matthew Garrison (Bass)
Jetro Da Silva (Keyboards)
Shedrick Mitchell (Keyboards)
Adi Yashaya (Keyboards)
Bashiri Johnson (Percussion)
Cindy Mizelle (Background Vocals)
Valerie Pinkston (Background Vocals)
Sharlotte Gibson (Backgournd Vocals)
Gary Houston (Background Vocals)
Dres Reid (Dancer)
Shannon Holtzappfel (Dancer)
Ryan Chandler (Dancer)
Tre Holloway (Dancer)

■ セットリスト:ホイットニー・ヒューストン@さいたまスーパーアリーナ
Setlist : Whitney Houston @ Saitama Super Arena, February 14, 2010

show started 16:15
00. Intro
01. For The Lovers [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
02. Nothin’ But Love [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
03. I Look To You[From CD “I Look To You”2009]
04. My Love Is Your Love [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
05. If I Told You That [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
06. It’s Not Right But It’s OK [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998] (Whitney out of stage)
07. For The Love Of You (Sung by Gary Houston) [Isley Brothers, Whitney]
08. Queen Of The Night [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]
–. Video Montage (One Moment In Time) [Recorded Song]
(Whitney came back on stage)
09. (Unplugged Medley #09-12) Saving All My Love For You [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
10. The Greatest Love Of All [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
11. All At Once [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
12. I Learned From The Best [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
13. Amazing Grace [Traditional]
14. I Love The Lord [From CD “Preacher’s Wife”1996]
—-. A riff of “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Missing You”, “You’re The Man In My Life”(Lady In My Life).
15. I Wanna Dance With Somebody [From CD “Whitney”1987]
16. How Will I Know [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
17. I Will Always Love You [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]

Enc. Million Dollar Bill [From CD “I Look To You”2009]

show ended 18:01

[ Saitama Super Arena show info via here]

See more photos from the 2010 Japan tour here

#NP Nujabes

Nujabes is one of those producers that makes me believe in reincarnation.  Beautiful, stunning, ethereal, romantic, sentimental, compassionate, inspirational and the list goes on.  Words are my job, but I cannot do what Nujabes music invokes in me justice.

Oyasumi Tokyo ☆

#np ‘Summer Symphony’ #jMusic reflecting the #jLife

Below is version 2 with the kickass hip hop group PSG

It suddenly got FREEZING cold in Tokyo and with my heater only slightly functioning I turned to some summer jams to warm me up (half of everything is mental right?)

I appreciate how beautiful composed the music is, and the featuring of PSG on the second version gracefully complements the subtleties of this chilled out tune.  However for me the best part of this PV (PV = promotional video, known as music video in American English) is the fact that I see familiar scenes of Japanese life in the videos.

For example, seeing clothing hanging haphazardly in version 2 might be a bachelor’s lifestyle of dealing with space constraints in a small Japanese apartment.  However, another possible could be that since we dry our clothes on the porch on sunny days most homes don’t have dryers.  Although when time passes quickly and laundry piles up we definitely find ourselves hanging articles of clothing indoors to dry as well.

At the end of version 2 we see members of PSG get together with the singer for the original version Keiichi Sokabe.  They meet in a typical Japanese izakaya (drinking place) for drinks at the end of a long musical collaboration.

It is always nice to see quality music paired with sensitive videos that capture the original culture and mood of the music.