PARTY @club_Harlem “ROYAL FLUSH” at BX Cafe with @djkenske @djshinobu @DJ_GIN_

Royal Flush at BX Cafe / Harlem

Royal Flush at BX Cafe / Harlem


ROYAL FLUSH at BX Cafe / Shibuya, Harlem

My favorite Tuesday night party 🙂

Main floor of Harlem showcases the totally awesome duo DJ Koya & DJ Kango for the famous “Red Zone” party.  One of the longest (if not longest?) running hip hop parties in Tokyo it gets pretty packed, The Tuesday night hot spot in Shibuya you will always be able to spot celebrity dancers as well as MCs and DJ from the Japanese hip hop scene.

However, for a more chill scene with a bit more of a ‘step to the left, step to the right’ sort of vibe head upstairs to BX Cafe.  A lot of 90s music, more space to move and usually better smoking manners.  One price for entrance gets you into both sections.




PARTY @Ageha_Tokyo with @DJKentaro @DJSarasa & More

“No Wall Between Music”

One of the wildest parties of the year brought to you by the craziest DJs and party people in land of the rising Sun, SON!

12/23 (Sun) BASSCAMP 2012 WINTER @ageHa

All the hottest DJs at the biggest club in Tokyo.  For those with New Year’s Eve plans with the family or significant other, you can celebrate the countdown to 2013 and remember (or forget) 2012 on Sunday (December 23rd) instead!

Really, the video should have summed it all up, but if you need a co-sign just check out the line-up which includes turntablist/DJ Olympian DJ Kentaro, hard rock punk rocker Akihiro Namba, party person and fashion forward ‘it’ girl DJ Sarasa, reggae sound machine Mighty Crown and more.

With the 24th being a national holiday in Japan while the lines at the entrance may be long, the lightning fast bartenders and sexy Santa shot girls keep the flow of alcohol steady the entire night.

Doubtful you’ll hear LMFAO being played but all the Tokyo Party Rockers will be in attendance tonight!


VIDEO: @DJMonumental Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12 Episode One


A very special thank you to DJ Monumental and my brother’s #JAPANCrew for letting me experiment with filming outside of the news journalism realm.

Please enjoy my first foray into the world of tour video editing and DSLR filming.  More to come! 🙂


Straight off the 14-hour plane ride from New York, DJ Monumental (@DJMonumental) gets the “HomeTown Hero Japan Tour 12” rocking with a fast & furious first 24 hours in Tokyo!

It’s ‘time for some action’ with an in-store performance at Shibuya’s Manhattan Records (@ManhattanR) , a live DJ set in Roppongi’s Electrik Jinja (@ElectrikJinja) and a fitting for Magic Stick (@MagicStick_TYO) in Harajyuku.  From November 2012 DJ Monumental is officially the first dee-jay brand ambassador from New York for the popular Japan-based street apparel company!

Follow the #JAPANCrew (@ILMPJapan) to stay updated on the latest as the tour continues from November 2-13, 2012.   Check out the full tour schedule here.

[VIDEO] DJ モニュメンタル “ホームタウン ヒーロー ジャパンツアー” 1日目 – 2日目

BET の人気番組 106 & Park DJ でもあり、J Lie のDJ モニュメンタルが日本にやってくる!
今回は自身のブランド”Hometown Hero”を引っさげての単独初来日‼

☆1日目 ツアー初日の夜は、六本木のElecktrik JinjaでDJ!

☆2日目 原宿にある、今回のツアースポンサーの”Magic Stick” へ行き
渋谷にある Manhattan Records でのインストアライブ!

Check out photos on the Hometown Hero’s FaceBook and Tumblr


Special Thanks to:
@NaoDiddy  OF Magic Stick
@MrTikini OF Spexsavers
@K27T OF Manhattan Records

and #JAPANCREW members



EVENT : Live Music and dope DJs @ElectrikJinja #Roppongi

An extra special session of the popular ‘Cereal Killa’ bringing listeners the best & deepest Hiphop, Soul, Funk & House music on Friday, November 2nd in Roppongi, Tokyo.  This time with special guests DJ Monumental of New York City’s BET 106 & Park and London’s underground sensation Joleon Davenue on the mic.

Cereal Killaが戻ってくることを発表できることを嬉しく思う。今回私たちはスペシャルゲスト呼んでいます。

NYからは106&parkのDJ, DJ Monumental!
Londonからシンガーでありラッパーでもある Joleon Davenue が日本で初のパフォーマンスを行います!

Cereal Killa (Leonie’s Birthday Special)
@ Electrik神社 Jinja, 六本木 Roppongi
Fri November 2ND / 金曜日11月2日
OPEN 22:00 TILL 05:00
\2500 w. DRINK


Special Guest DJ:
DJ Monumental – (From NYC)


Mellow Mood Freaks:
Joleon Davenue – (From London)
Jinbo The Super Freak – (From Seoul)

Andre Mcleod –
Dave Clark The III –
DJ Mars –

Hosted by Birthday Girl Leonie (@leogutzful)

Contact @ILMPJapan or @MrTikini for more information

INTERVIEW : @DJMonumental ready to return to ‘the Far East’

The Dynamic Duo – J-Lie & DJ Monumental

Dubbed “the young genius from Brooklyn” the youthful @DJ Monumental is already making moves big enough in NYC to catch the attentions of trendsetters and promoters in the Far East.  Hear him spin and watch the handsome party person mingle with his mostly female fan base and it’s easy to understand why Tokyo taste-maker @NaoDiddy has chosen him as a brand ambassador for his popular Asia-based hip hop inspired Magic Stick apparel street brand.

Sneakerhead, ‘good health’ spokesperson and the most popular DJ under 25 in the New York metropolitan scene right now, the ambitious entrepreneur has received co-signs from colleagues such as Bow Wow’s Tour DJ and long-time friend DJ Jus to government officials like respected New York State Senator Martin.  Already getting booked regularly for gigs overseas in Europe and the West Indies,  DJ Monumental returns to Japan for a second time in 2012 to headline his first Japan DJ Tour.  The “Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12” kicks off on November 2nd and will include club play, in-stores and fan meet & greets across Japan.

Name: DJ Monumental
Occupation:  Trendsetter
Twitter: @DJMonumental

@TokyoTwilighter How did your first Japan tour come about? 
@DJMonumental Being that I’m J-Lie‘s (New York movement Slowbucks first artist) official DJ, J got the call for Swag Family Legacy’s “Summer Music Festival” and the rest is now history
@TokyoTwilighter What was the highlight of your trip?
@DJMonumental That’s a really hard question. There were so many highlights. It’s a toss up between the  show at Espirit Beach House that turned into a foam party and the after party at Vanity Lounge for the Zepp Tokyo Show. GOOD TIMES!
@TokyoTwilighter Where did you shop and what did you buy?
@DJMonumental I didn’t get to do as much damage as I wanted because our schedule was FULL.  I was able to do a little shopping in Harajuku the day before we left.  I got a little carried away at Supreme, Undefeated, Bape and Kinetics.  I was able to find a lot of pieces which were sold out in New York. Good thing I didn’t have much time to shop huh LOL!
@TokyoTwilighter How was the food, anything you couldn’t eat?
@DJMonumental Being that I’m a man who L-O-V-E-S food, there wasn’t anything that I wasn’t willing to try! My favorite dish has to be OKONOMIYAKI! (a Japanese omlette) I’ve never had anything like it. Thank you J-Lie and Nati (J-Lie’s Japan road manager) for the introduction.
@TokyoTwilighter What surprised you the most that went against your expectations of Japan? of Tokyo? 
@DJMonumental Our driver D-Nice was listening to Chopped and Screwed music, that was probably the last thing I would of expected to hear in Japan.  Come to find out there’s quite a large following of southern Hip-Hop culture in Japan.
@TokyoTwilighter What Japanese words or customs did you learn?
@DJMonumental Arigato (thank you), watashi wa nihon ga daisuki (I love Japan) and my favorite HAI! (yeah).

One half of the #DreamTeam

@TokyoTwilighter You were able to DJ in concert with @JLie and in the club as a headliner, how did the party scene in Tokyo compare to your NYC hometown?

@DJMonumental Honestly, at times I would forget that we were in Japan.  I felt like I was home until I looked up and everyone had their camera phones out recording us.  Lol.  (DJ Monumental performed at Zepp Tokyo and spun at Shimbashi 300 Bar, Vanity Lounge and on Enoshima beach.)
@TokyoTwilighter What songs that you spun got the biggest reaction?  
@DJMonumental SHOTS! SHOTS! SH-SHOTS! Lol LMFAO feat Lil Jon – Shots, worked every time.
@TokyoTwilighter Anything you didn’t get to do that you aim to get done next time?
@DJMonumental I would love to visit more Japanese monuments, do some real shopping and take a ride on the train , it’s the  New York in me.
@TokyoTwilighter When will you be back to Japan?
@DJMonumental November 1st! for my very own tour.  The Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12

Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12 Schedule


11/2 (FRI) “CEREAL KILLA” @ Erecktrik Jinja(六本木)
                 @ Manhattan Records(渋谷)
11/8 (THU) “MAKE OR TAKE” @ UCess Louge(原宿)
11/9 (FRI) “FLY FRIDAY” @ Bar One(大阪)
                  @ Manhattan Records(大阪)
11/11 (SUN) B’S KITCHEN @ Sam & Dave’s(大阪)
Contact DJ Monumental’s Japan promotion team the #JapanCrew @ILMPJapan for more details.
Check out Dj Monumental’s favorite Tokyo-based clothing brand Magic Stick here

@Eminem and @DrDre Reunite in Tokyo at the Ginza Apple store


Beats by Dre Continues its Global Domination. 

Eminem and Dr. Dre reunite in Tokyo at the Apple store in Ginza on August 15 to talk to fans about the cultural phenomenon, Beats By Dr. Dre.

Photos by Jeremy Deputat

Words by TokyoTwilighter


While in Tokyo, Luke Wood (president and COO of Beats Electronics) and Dr. Dre were joined by superstar Eminem for a live Q&A session at the Apple Ginza store in Tokyo on Wednesday, August 15.  The popular rapper was in town with opening act Slaughterhouse for his sold-out concerts.  They performed in Osaka and Tokyo.   (See video message below for a few chuckles.)


Takeover or Makeover?

To take on an industry as over saturated as the ‘audio visual arena’ takes guts, but more than that it takes a vision that can paint the bigger picture while still being rooted in the reality of legal and financial limitations.  A number of auditory devices have popped up in recent years but none with the global success and pop culture trendiness as ‘Beats by Dre’.

Lead by Dr. Dre. Jimmy Iovine and Wood the brand has captured over 20% of the global market share in just under three years, an accomplishment that many ‘haters’ never thought could or would happen.

Thanks to the generous rolodexes of Iovine and Dre there has been phenomenal brand placement in music videos and tie-ups with top celebrities,  but what’s made their brand consistent increase in profits possible has been the fact that the company has not created a US-centric product as many of it failed American predecessors and contemporaries have.  They’ve gone for world domination.

With strategic partners in the world trend setting markets of Tokyo and Seoul, as well as consumer savvy zones such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei, this global audio brand works with local leaders and icons in every significant market.  And they will not stop there, the brand is recruiting and evolving as it grows to fit, expand and redefine its corner of the auditory sensory technology.

Some may call it a takeover, I see it as a creative makeover to a dull industry that needed an injection of perspective to the previously ‘geeky stereophonic culture’.  Everyone’s ears deserve good sound, not just audio techs and DJs.

Let’s Party!

Tonight (August 17) the brand will host a party at celebrity hotspot Vanity Lounge in Roppongi with special guest Verbal.






Billboard Live Music Event : @JoseJamesMusic [Brought to you by Jazzy Sport]

Jose James performs at Billboard Live Tokyo & Osaka


Sexy man, sexy voice… what else could a girl want in the post-Valentine’s day blues.


I mention again and again my admiration for Japanese music selectors for their ability to find high-quality music worldwide and import it into Japan, successfully bridging the gap between language, music and culture… intersecting somewhere near audio-sensory perfection.

For myself I was first introduced to Jose James via  Japanese label Jazzy Sport’s DJ and producer Mitsu the Beats who created such a delectable collaboration with the NYC artist that I could hear, taste and smell New York almost as vividly as I could feel and see Mitsu’s record needle and music notes weave a dream within a dream of vinyls, NYC sidewalks and couples with hands clasped on an autumn day through Yoyogi park.



Is it possible to want to fall in love and have it broken just to be able to fall in love again all at the same time?


That’s how this music makes me feel, that’s how Jose James makes me yearn.



Jose James will  performing live in Tokyo, Japan February 18th & 19th as well as Osaka on February 20th

You can follow him on twitter @JoseJamesmusic … but it looks like the only person he follows back is @DalaiLama 😉

Learn more about him in the video below.


Saturday night party – Microcosmos @djTomoko @Ucca23 @shug0310


Microcosmos is this stylish space up the way that while cozy attracts some of the best DJs and talent in the Japanese hip hop scene.


I LOVE @DJtomoko n Ucca-laugh and tonight they also have one of my personal favorites in the Japan DJ scene, DJ Shu-G who’s sets always have me dancing.


Also, little known secret, Microcosmos parties have some of the most beautiful and down to earth females you’ll find in Shibuya.  They’re stylish, pretty and usually got jobs!  lol  I’m quoting a friend 😉


Check it out  here


Top Tokyo Party Blogger @maisassygirl


Ms. Mai is one of those Tokyo people that you’ll see in all your mutual friends photos, hear about from colleagues and clients and then finally meet and think… ‘Wow not what I expected but in a good way.’  🙂


Undefinable, I am still learning about what it is she does exactly, but simply put from my understanding she produces solid results on products, people, brands and concepts to create buzz, trends and word-of-mouth on anything that she takes under her ‘angel wings’.


Ms. Mai is an Asian-American transplant into the Tokyo party community and I never ceased to be amazed by how well she communicates and understands her market and projects without having grown up here or by speaking only a basic level of Japanese.  But what I believe makes her great is exactly that lack prejudice and influence from third party forcing her decision-making process to be dependent on her other senses of sight, sound, taste and touch.  With language being irrelevant she approaches every new venture from a breathtakingly refreshing point-of-view.


Her outlook is fun, bubbly but still constructively critical and profound for those able to read behind the lines on her blog or tweets.  On the guest list for every major hot event, close to nearly all the major models in Japanese fashion as well as key celebrities, watching her status grow from blogger to event coordinator to taste maker and soon to be mommy has been voyeuristic pleasure within the Tokyo digital realm for me as well as many others worldwide.


Follow her on twitter or check out her blog



Happy Birthday @DJ_Sugi


One of my favorite DJs who I can’t say enough about is having his birthday party tonight!  Looking at the DJ and dancer line-up I know that the party is going to be CRAZY… so jealous that I can’t go 😦


For those who don’t know, DJ Sugi is one of the best DJs in the South hip hop scene in Japan.  Not only a DJ, he also works as a promoter for his own parties as well as setting up DJs and artists to tour in Japan.  Releasing popular south hip hop mixtapes regularly with exclusive hosting by people like Roscoe Dash and Lil Scrappy, I’m always looking forward to see who he’ll collaborate with next!


The party is at Azabu-Juban’s WAREHOUSE702 and I guarantee by 2am EVERYONE will be schwasted, dancing, partying and having a great time.


Happy birthday Sugi-san!