Raekwon confirmed for Japan tour

Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan is coming to Japan.

For those familiar with the Japanese party scene there is a distinct divide between the ‘Japanese’ parties and ‘international’ parties.

Depending on the promotion and promoters on events the kinds of crowds will different greatly in demographics.  While Raekwon is a universal symbol of hip hop who would no doubt be an act of interest for both sides of the fence, the fact that this event is being promoted by mostly ‘Japanese’ promoters means the foreign community has little knowledge of Raekwon’s invitation to perform in Japan.

While it would be nice to believe that music brings people together, attending events where it is rare to truly experience a ‘mixed crowd’ (by mixed I mean Japanese that rarely interact with the foreign community and foreigners that seldom venture outside their own comfort zone of English speakers) proves that ‘race relations’ in Japanese entertainment has a long way to go.


CIROC comes to Japan via @FutureSoundTV

For those of us in Japan with our eyes on the US party scene the one liquor that’s been hard to miss is definitely the ubiquitous CIROC produced Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.  At present the liquor has no mass distribution deals with companies in Japan, nor is it readily available online, but a few Japanese clubs have been satisfying vodka lovers by importing the popular US liquor from overseas or purchasing via US military bases in Japan.

It looks like all this could be changing with Aoyama Velours in Tokyo recently hosting the first OFFICIAL Ciroc sponsored party in Japan.  Popular video magazine style blog FutureSound.TV which follows house, hip hop, cars and parties around the world including Japan was on-hand for event.

As a former ‘clear’ liquor drinker myself I can personally testify that Ciroc goes down as one of the smoother vodkas.  I hope that they’ll begin to import Red Berry soon!

@Raye6 @Alivegreenst @TreZureEmpire Perform in Shibuya GLAD

One year later and the NYC crew has returned to Tokyo, Japan.  Building upon their experiences as performers in the Japan Music Week and Yume Fest in 2010, Trezure, A-Live of Greenstreet and Raye 6 returned to an even busier line-up and day to day schedule this November.

With photo shoots, music video filming and licensing negotiations, on top of the day to day performances at locations around Tokyo, Japan these indie artists made the most of their talents and resources to maximize on the the results.

To start off the November festivities with a splash last week (November 10) Trezure performed with A-Live their hit ‘Shibuya nights’ on a Shibuya stage for the very first time at Club Glad.  Afterwards the always sensual and slightly unpredictable (in a good way) ‘woman with the hurricane vocals’ Raye 6 blew the audience away with her set, closing with the very provocative ‘Daddy’.

While encouraging to newcomers the Japanese music is especially critical on long-term success and support.  Artists, indie and major label, talented enough to navigate language barriers, cultural differences and long distance international travel must also be humble enough to learn respect in Japanese business culture.  However, while the Japanese music industry may be demanding on one’s ego and patience it also offers long-term returns on loyal relationships and a career long fan base that will stay retain interest even after the first 15 minutes or breaking news flash.

Artists such as Raye 6, A-live and Trezure appear to be accepting and embracing the Japanese culture and mindset with professionalism and optimism.  No doubt they will be invited back again in 2012 to perform.

You can follow each of these talented individuals on their twitters for more info.




The Japanese ANTI-Hangover Drink

In a country where your ability to drink is as important at the business card you carry, it is no wonder that a beverage company cooked up the anti-hangover beverage in its secret labs.

Tested and true, ask any partier what UKON no CHIKARA is for and they’ll tell you ‘to prevent hangovers’.  About the size of a double espresso shot, drink before starting your night of partying and it will save you the headache of a drunken next morning.

The next time you’re out partying in Japan make sure you’ve got that magical drink handy and make the most out of your nights AND days.

Photo courtesty of @DJMoBeatz twitter

Tuesday Night… Let’s go to Harlem in SHIBUYA


Almost everyone that has been to Japan has heard of the legendary Club Harlem.  Legendary for many reasons:  It’s one of the longest running ‘black music’ clubs in Japan; It has some funny rules about which foreigners and how many can enter their venue; and it is VERY picky about it’s promoters as not just anyone can throw a party there.

That said, it is a great spot to party at and for me in particular I love the upstairs BX Cafe.  The DJs here tend towards the old-school joints that has people dancing (and I mean actually dancing, not grinding) and vibing.  It’s less crowded than the main floor and for those with money to burn there’s a spacious VIP section with GIANT American style black leather couches to relax in.

I’m still at home on my bum leg, but I encourage anyone with time tonight to stop through.


11.18.2011 [Fri] Budamunk / Blunted Monkey Fist Release Party


Jazzy Sport has yet to lead me astray when it comes to good music.  A dope independent label based out of Japan artists signed with them include hip hop trio Gagle, DJ and producer Twigy, songstress Mika Arisaka and more.

Budamunk has been getting a lot of chatter on the production side of music for his profound beat-making and strong networking skills on the Japanese domestic scene as well as international level.  His music manages to achieve that tricky balance of remaining true to the roots of real hip hop without compromising his Japanese heritage.  A signature of all his beats includes samplings of traditional Japanese instrumentals, lines from old Japanese movies or TV and of course Japanese ‘nihongo’ rap lyrics.  For those looking for a chill evening out with some real hardcore music lovers Club Bar Family will be the spot to check out this Friday.

2011.11.18[Fri] at club bar family
OPEN : 22:30
ADV : 2,000yen-1d, 1,500yen-1d with flyer


[Video] @BowWow Tours Japan with @IAMDJJUS @MyNameIsRico

About a week ago I posted a blog about the Bow Wow Japan tour here

Well, he came, he saw and did the whole thing in Japanese… okay not quite but he definitely rocked the Japanese crowds.  Full report coming soon, but if you want to have a look at what it looks like when the Japanese fans see @BowWow in person here’s a quick video by his cameraman @MyNameisRico

And yes, Bow Wow definitely did buy those red Adidas you see in the video and YES that lobster was definitely alive when they threw it on the grill and chopped him up right there on the spot.  The whole trip was filled with good music, crazy comedy and of course amazing fans.

*sidenote DJ Jus is one of the most entertaining tour DJs to watch on stage that I’ve seen in a very long time!  After the Nagoya show I went out partying and all people kept asking me was where is the DJ?  We want to party with the DJ!

@BowWow heads back to the WOMB… in Shibuya that is


2010 and 2011 has been a rough period for concert organizers in Japan.  Between sudden cancellations by artists, beef between promoters and the Tohoku earthquake wiping more than 3 months of concerts from the Japan music scene it is no wonder that fans are a bit apprehensive to buy advance tickets.

However, in the case of the Bow Wow Tour being brought to us by 2REntertainment and Starnite Entertainment everything seems legit.  Fox channels will be airing an interview with the artist on their brand new BS238 channel, MTV has begun raffeling off tickets to a few lucky fans via their website and the Universal Japan twitter has been grinding out tweets to promote the tour.

But probably the best PR for the event was provided for Bow Wow himself when he tweeted in Japanese that he’d be performing in Japan.

For those who’ve not yet had the opportunity to party in Shibuya, one of the most famous clubs in Tokyo with the hottest sound system is a spot called Shibuya WOMB.  People such as A-Trak and Trey Songz have performed there in the past, and now this Thursday, October 27th Bow Wow will also be headed back to the Womb.

What made Bow Wow’s tweet the great topic of conversation was the direct translation of WOMB (the club uses the Western alphabet, rather than Japanese) into it’s Japanese Kanji form 子宮 It is unlikely that many Japanese were actually aware of the real meaning of WOMB.  This random use of English words for aesthetics by the entertainment industry and graphic designers is rather common in Japan.   Well, one can imagine the confusion when fans tried to figure out where the ‘womb of shibuya’ was and why Bow Wow would be performing there.  lol

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity just poor spin.  It would seem to be true in Bow Wow’s case, as his optimistic use of Google translate provided a fun conversation starter for music fans.

Bow Wow’s concert tour is as follows and for those of you unable to make it to Tokyo yours truly will be live tweeting the entire week 🙂

Thursday, October 27th – Shibuya Womb
Friday, October 28th – Yokohama Blitz & Starnite Chiba
Saturday, October 29th – Diamond Hall Nagoya
Sunday, October 30th – Universe Osaka

For tickets, please visit the e+ link below:

For more details about the tour, please visit: