Thanks to the invention of the Internet I no longer need a camera to take photos, I can just use YOURS!  All photos have been generously borrowed for further promotion and exploitation on this site.  Photos marked with @TokyoTwilighter have been taken by me on my Android, unless it is a photo of something I am not supposed to have a photo of, in which case I found that on the Internet as well.

Sometimes I get to interview twitter celebrities and if I have quoted you in an unfavorable light then I apologize… but seeing as you use twitter you most likely have already immortalized unfortunate comments and quibs on the world wide web so my little blog is really not your biggest concern.  The ex stalking your twitter or your aunt reading your facebook updates is most likely the bigger concern in your life.

However, if it appears that I may be involved in something you don’t approve in then I’m sorry you feel that way but I won’t take it down!  Just kidding hit me up and I’ll do a retraction.

Stay blessed and don’t take me to court!

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