[Video] @BowWow Tours Japan with @IAMDJJUS @MyNameIsRico

About a week ago I posted a blog about the Bow Wow Japan tour here

Well, he came, he saw and did the whole thing in Japanese… okay not quite but he definitely rocked the Japanese crowds.  Full report coming soon, but if you want to have a look at what it looks like when the Japanese fans see @BowWow in person here’s a quick video by his cameraman @MyNameisRico

And yes, Bow Wow definitely did buy those red Adidas you see in the video and YES that lobster was definitely alive when they threw it on the grill and chopped him up right there on the spot.  The whole trip was filled with good music, crazy comedy and of course amazing fans.

*sidenote DJ Jus is one of the most entertaining tour DJs to watch on stage that I’ve seen in a very long time!  After the Nagoya show I went out partying and all people kept asking me was where is the DJ?  We want to party with the DJ!

ADIDAS vs. NIKE : Who did it better?

I came across this French Adidas promo clip for Megalizer a couple days ago.  It reminded me of something similar that Japan Nike did with the Nike Free Run+.  Sure, you can say it’s like comparing apples and oranges, but who do you think promoted their shoe better?