#np Crystal Kay ☆ Delicious na Kinyoubi

@TokyoTwilighter makes her video debut!

Enjoy a ‘Where’s Waldo’ of trying to find Mariko

I was SO excited when I saw this high-quality version of the Japanese songstress Crystal Kay’s latest music video, not only because it is a great song and she’s an amazing lady, BUT because I AM IN THE VIDEO.  Yes, I know that I often lecture that ALL CAPS are unnecessary but in this moment I find them 100% appropriate.

Now, I realized that since the scenes and sequences move quite quickly that it may be hard for anyone, even my mom, to pick me out of the enthusiastic bowling party crowd at first.  However, I am in over 20 shots, and once you find me, it’s like I just keep jumping out of nowhere throughout the video… look!  Mariko!  And again!  And again!

I am rocking the awesome Marc Jacobs glasses, blue shirt and thick yellow and black necklace I was lent to via Ms. @GyeNyame 🙂

Oh and Crystal looks pretty amazing in the video as well 🙂



[VIDEO] Teaser for Crystal Kay SUPERMAN release


The single isn’t even out yet, but it’s already ranked #1 for all Japan FM stations as well as #7 on the Japan Billboard charts.   After a nearly 10 year stint with Sony Music Japan, Crystal Kay officially announced her move to Universal Japan earlier this fall.  If the energy from the Superman hype is anything to judge the next stage in her career by we can be sure that the already popular bi-racial songstress will continue to climb domestic and *crosses fingers* international charts as well.


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#np Crystal Kay ‘Flash’

Absolutely LOVE her.