Tokyo Regular : Interview with @BHowardMusic

While more and more artists are becoming one-dimensional in their skills set, B. Howard goes completely in the other direction.  Talented singer, dancer, writer, producer, the similarities to [insert obvious name here] are beyond stunning.  It’s not surprising that Tokyo, always ahead of the curve in recognizing bright futures, has been inviting him to their country for nearly half a decade.

Name: B. Howard
Occupation: Musician
Twitter: @BHowardMUSIC
@TokyoTwilighter : You’ve got quite a fan base in Japan, how did that relationship with the Japanese market come about?
I give Credit to the Music for my relationship with the Japanese Market. Previous to my “Supermodel” single I had produced and written for other Japanese artists such as Double and W-inds  and established my name in Japan.
@TokyoTwilighter : How many times have you been to Tokyo?
I have been to Tokyo over 10 times 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : What was the most surprising thing you experienced?
The most surprising thing I have experienced in Japan was the crowd dancings and participating during the show.  It brought such a warmth to my heart .
@TokyoTwilighter : Did you try any interesting foods or drinks?
I have tried many foods and drinks (in Japan), and I love Sushi and Udon lol 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : Where did you party?
When I am in Japan I enjoy the F-bar and secluded locations in Yokohama .. also I enjoy the private video game room the venues have 😉
@TokyoTwilighter : What did you buy for friends and family as souvenirs?
I brought a souvenir coin from the Tokyo Tower, Hi Chews (chewy fruit flavored candy similar to American Starburst) lol and a Kimono 🙂
@TokyoTwilighter : What do you definitely want to do next time you visit that you missed out on your previous trip?
On my return to Tokyo I definitely want to visit Tokyo Disneyland !

Talking about Tokyo: Interview with J-Lie

Jim Jones an J-Lie on set for the 'Get it On the Low' music video

Not following J-Lie yet?  Then jump on the band wagon before it turns into a private G6 cuz that’s the direction this rising star is heading in.  Most recent collabs include Kendrick Lamar, Jim Jones, Wacka Flocka and more. You can cop his project Local Tourist on iTunes now.

Name: J-Lie
Occupation: Musician
Twitter: @Jlie

@TokyoTwilighter: How many times have you been to Tokyo? 

J-Lie: Just once earlier this year (January 2011). It was an amazing experience. I cannot wait to come back.

@TokyoTwilighter: What was the best part of your trip?

J-Lie wearing Slowbucks gear featured in popular Japanese hip hop magazine 411

J-Lie: Stepping my feet onto Japanese soil strictly for musical purposes was the best part of my trip. I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo. I am really into fashion so visiting has always been on my bucket list. Growing up I never imagined I would get paid to come out there and enjoy the culture and people. God is great.

@TokyoTwilighter: Did you try any interesting food or snacks?

J-Lie: Okonomi – Yaki was amazing.  Also the crazy thing to me was that there was sushi in the 7-11. I definitely had to get some just to see the quality from a corner store… and it was GREAT!

@TokyoTwilighter: Where did you go party?

J-Lie:  I only partied at the places that booked me for shows and that was F-Bar and Vanity Lounge. Both were amazing but Vanity was my favorite – the panoramic view was unbelievable. I was very surprised at the Tokyo nightlife.

@TokyoTwilighter: What did you buy in Tokyo?

J-Lie: I really just bought a bunch of things for my friends and family – souvenir type things. But of course I had to buy the True Blue Jordan III’s. I still haven’t worn them but maybe in a year or so I will.

@TokyoTwilighter: Did you learn any Japanese?

J-Lie: I did but unfortunately I already forgot it.  I do remember domo (meaning Thank you)  though. I use it constantly.

@TokyoTwilighter: What do you DEFINITELY want to do next time you visit that you haven’t done yet?

J-Lie: I want to make more time to interact with my fans on a more personal basis. Not just show up to the venue , perform, and go to a VIP section.  After my trip I realized how many real fans I have in Japan and that I need to show them how much I appreciate them.



When J-Lie was in Japan earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet him to interview him for Alist247.  You can check out that interview here.


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Filmed in Tokyo, Japan