Favorite Season of the Year : SCARVES!

via Rakuten

I pulled the whole page off of Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten… I normally wouldn’t do that but I wanted to show the pictures at the top with the American celebs wearing the brand.  I always thought it was interesting that Japanese marketing teams show foreign (usually American actresses/actors) wearing the brand, but hardly ever Japanese celebs.  Then again we don’t have paparazzi like that out here.  If you want your brand to sell here get lots of photos with American celebs wearing it.  It used to be that a photo of Cameron Diaz wearing your brand could move 100s of units in Japan.  Today it could be a toss-up, although Kate Moss has always been a perennial favorite.   The power of product placement.

Shoes with attitude… Rawr!

Shoes by Ash

I saw these in Takashimaya and thought… I hope you do bags too.  They do.