TOKYO STYLE : Dig deep to spin fresh.


Straight out of Tokyo, a brand that redefines “urban street fashion”

Mynority Classics digs deep into the crates to bring a brand that gives a fresh spin on urban lifestyle brands.

When the line first launched, I gave you a firsthand look at the Japanese brand via popular Toronto based lifestyle website The response was enormous and everyone wanted to know… how do I get it in my time zone?

Well, now with the launch of their new website, MYC is finally available for on-line sales both in Japan and internationally.

Great news for overseas style watchers that have been trying to get their hands on the b-girl/b-boy inspired state of mind ever since its launch by dj sarasa and asami one in 2010.

As described by its creators:

“MYNORITY CLASSICS treasures the differences between individuals. Our bold, timeless attitude and style will fit perfectly into your wardrobe, allowing you to mix and match your clothing items for maximum impact. With MYNOIRTY CLASSICS express your true colors with confidence, and reach for a higher ideal with swagger.”

Fresh, sassy and practical for breakers and party people, even though it is designed for women by women the brand has unisex pieces popular with men as well.

The brand’s launch of its international website is a great move forward for the brand that continues to expand globally.

For more information check out their bilingual website

Also, make sure to follow them on tumblr here

Songstress TREZURE rocking MYC earrings

Favorite Season of the Year : SCARVES!

via Rakuten

I pulled the whole page off of Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten… I normally wouldn’t do that but I wanted to show the pictures at the top with the American celebs wearing the brand.  I always thought it was interesting that Japanese marketing teams show foreign (usually American actresses/actors) wearing the brand, but hardly ever Japanese celebs.  Then again we don’t have paparazzi like that out here.  If you want your brand to sell here get lots of photos with American celebs wearing it.  It used to be that a photo of Cameron Diaz wearing your brand could move 100s of units in Japan.  Today it could be a toss-up, although Kate Moss has always been a perennial favorite.   The power of product placement.

Pretty Pink Dress

“No matter how old you are, you are never too old for movies with princesses who sing.”


Shinjyuku Mitsukosh Alcott

Marui Online Shopping



Available on-line at

I Love Tokyo

adidas - I Love Tokyo

adidas - I Love Tokyo