@Raye6 @Alivegreenst @TreZureEmpire Perform in Shibuya GLAD

One year later and the NYC crew has returned to Tokyo, Japan.  Building upon their experiences as performers in the Japan Music Week and Yume Fest in 2010, Trezure, A-Live of Greenstreet and Raye 6 returned to an even busier line-up and day to day schedule this November.

With photo shoots, music video filming and licensing negotiations, on top of the day to day performances at locations around Tokyo, Japan these indie artists made the most of their talents and resources to maximize on the the results.

To start off the November festivities with a splash last week (November 10) Trezure performed with A-Live their hit ‘Shibuya nights’ on a Shibuya stage for the very first time at Club Glad.  Afterwards the always sensual and slightly unpredictable (in a good way) ‘woman with the hurricane vocals’ Raye 6 blew the audience away with her set, closing with the very provocative ‘Daddy’.

While encouraging to newcomers the Japanese music is especially critical on long-term success and support.  Artists, indie and major label, talented enough to navigate language barriers, cultural differences and long distance international travel must also be humble enough to learn respect in Japanese business culture.  However, while the Japanese music industry may be demanding on one’s ego and patience it also offers long-term returns on loyal relationships and a career long fan base that will stay retain interest even after the first 15 minutes or breaking news flash.

Artists such as Raye 6, A-live and Trezure appear to be accepting and embracing the Japanese culture and mindset with professionalism and optimism.  No doubt they will be invited back again in 2012 to perform.

You can follow each of these talented individuals on their twitters for more info.




Back to Tokyo for Round 2! Konnichiwa Greenstreet!

Greenstreet has the kind of sound that is indescribable while at the same time being unforgettable.  Excellent live performers, they made a splash on the Japanese music scene in 2010 with performances all around the Tokyo area for the Japan Music Week.  This year they return to Japan to get into the studio, talk Japan exclusive distribution deals and perform for their growing overseas fan base.  Here’s what they had to say about their last trip to Japan and what they’re looking forward to this time around.

Name: Greenstreet
Occupation: Music
Twitter: @alivegreenst @rengreenst @soupagreenst @snaxxgreenst 
Website: http://greenstreetrecords.net

@TokyoTwilighter :  How many times have you been to Tokyo?

A-Live : Once, but currently preparing for our second trip there next month.

Soupa: Once.

@TokyoTwilighter :  What surprised you the most about Tokyo?

A-Live : The efficiency of the city was incredible; from the trains, traffic, supermarkets, etc. I live in New York City, and it’s not half as efficient as Tokyo. The energy of the people was also positively surprising — everyone was super friendly and helpful in almost every situation.

@TokyoTwilighter : Where did you party?

A-Live : Hmm. Roppongi was crazy, we did the gaijin (gaijin is a slang term for not Japanese) thing to do and went to Gas Panic..for better or worse. Shibuya was my favorite locale overall.

Soupa : Everywhere. Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shibuya..especially at The Game.

@TokyoTwilighter : How was the music scene in Tokyo?

Soupa : The hip-hop scene in Tokyo was a small and supportive crowd.  I felt like they were a family, and I really appreciated them letting me be a part of that family while I was there.  It showed me that hip-hop has no borders, and that’s great for the future and progress of our art.

A-Live : I think Tokyo has a dynamic music scene, and the best part of it is, they seem to support their own. It also showed me that music is truly an universal language; we met so many people that didn’t speak even English but were rocking with us a 100%!

@TokyoTwilighter : Did you try any Japanese cuisine or snacks?

A-Live : Yeah! The highlights for me were kaiten sushi, the ebi burger at Mos Burger, and curry udon. Also Calpis soda! Soupa went to sleep cradling a can of that every night.

Soupa :  The sushi conveyor belts were a lot of fun. I could have eaten at one of those places for every meal of every day.  I was also a big fan of dorayaki.

@TokyoTwiligher : What was the biggest challenge while visiting Tokyo?

Soupa: My Japanese…or lack thereof.

A-Live : Hm, the language was a problem at times. I’m trying to become conversational in Japanese before my next trip. Also, the exchange rate..the US dollar is miserable, smh.

@TokyoTwilighter : What’s on your Tokyo bucket list for next time?

Soupa : Honestly, I would really like to get outside of Tokyo and explore the rest of the country. On the train ride from Narita airport, I saw a lot of beautiful scenery in the countryside that I would like to get a closer look at.  I also want to take a trip up to Nagano and chill with the macaques in the hot springs at Jigokudani.

A-live: Definitely echo what Soupa said. I want to go to an onsen as well. Also, I want to get an invitation to the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando but..that’s probably wishful thinking, haha.


Greenstreet will be back to Japan from November 3rd – 28th.

This weekend, November 4th they’ll be performing at Grande in Shibuya