Interview with DJ @spinzhoodrich : Konnichiwa Japan!

If experience and skill are a direct result of age then DJ Spinz must be 44, but it makes sense that he’s twice as able as his peers seeing as he grinds for twice as many hours as there are in a day.  Renowned as a DJ, respected as a producer, if he says they’re going to be a hit then platinum album sales and sold-out tours are only a time zone away.  A rising favorite out of the South, he recently came through Japan on the Travis Porter tour as their DJ.

Name: DJ Spinz
Occupation: Producer/DJ
Twitter: @SpinzHoodrich

@TokyoTwilighter : How long were you in Tokyo for?

DJ Spinz : I was there for four days (October 7-10, 2011)

@TokyoTwilighter : What part of your Tokyo trip will you definitely be telling friends back home about?

DJ Spinz : Everything, it was a great experience. From the scenery, to the clubs, to the people, it was a great atmosphere. I enjoyed my stay.  

@TokyoTwilighter : Any differences between the DJ experience in Tokyo compared

Photo By : DJ Yaz (location Fussa Kamikaze)

to stateside?

DJ Spinz : Of course there were going to be some differences but the scene definitely surprised me, they were playing a lot of songs that we play back home in the States (at the clubs, in the shops, etc.)

@TokyoTwilighter : You tweeted about being impressed by the remote control AC, any other Japanese technology that you want to take back to the US?

DJ Spinz : There were a lot of complex and unique buildings. I really like Japanese architecture. It’s advanced, really their whole society is a bit advanced.

@TokyoTwilighter : Where did you shop and what did you get to take home?

DJ Spinz : I picked up a jacket from the Armani Store and the new Gucci Guilty fragrance from the Gucci store. I also grabbed some Japanese memorabilia (key chains, etc)

@TokyoTwilighter : How was the party scene and where did you go?

DJ Spinz : We went to four different spots, can’t remember all of the names of the venues but they were dope!

East Makes West : DJ Yaz and DJ Spinz

@TokyoTwilighter : Did you learn any Japanese words?

DJ Spinz : Konnichiwa. . . that’s about it lol

@TokyoTwilighter : Any recommendations for friends traveling to Tokyo?

DJ Spinz : Enjoy it, soak it all up and go check out the Asian women. . . they turnt up.

@TokyoTwilighter : What do you definitely want to do next time that you missed out on this time?

DJ Spinz : Get some authentic Japanese Hibachi Food!!!!!

[Editor’s Note : For those looking for Hibachi in Japan, it’s called Teppanyaki here :)]

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