PARTY @club_Harlem “ROYAL FLUSH” at BX Cafe with @djkenske @djshinobu @DJ_GIN_

Royal Flush at BX Cafe / Harlem

Royal Flush at BX Cafe / Harlem


ROYAL FLUSH at BX Cafe / Shibuya, Harlem

My favorite Tuesday night party 🙂

Main floor of Harlem showcases the totally awesome duo DJ Koya & DJ Kango for the famous “Red Zone” party.  One of the longest (if not longest?) running hip hop parties in Tokyo it gets pretty packed, The Tuesday night hot spot in Shibuya you will always be able to spot celebrity dancers as well as MCs and DJ from the Japanese hip hop scene.

However, for a more chill scene with a bit more of a ‘step to the left, step to the right’ sort of vibe head upstairs to BX Cafe.  A lot of 90s music, more space to move and usually better smoking manners.  One price for entrance gets you into both sections.




A Review of : Osiris DCLXVI – Mix 001 by @MrTikini #NP

From @MrTikini

From @MrTikini

What I’ve been waiting on /// Osiris DCLXVI 

Mix 001 by @MrTikini

Words by @TokyoTwilighter

I’ve been in anticipation of THIS mix by good friend, collaborator of choice and DOPE DJ – MR. Tikini ever since we first met year over half a decade back.

One of the MOST talented people I know, not just because he can spin but because he is one of the FEW non-Japanese residents that has been successful in connecting the Japanese music scene with the outside world.  His attention to the nuances of Japanese culture and his sincere admiration for the dope artists here make for amazing collaborations and sound results.

For me personally I have seen my good friend go through transitions professionally and personally that from my perspective have finally found a creative outlet in this new mix series.  The vibe is raw like a live mix, but smooth and refined in a way that reflects pre-meditation and life experience.

At first I thought the mix was a bit dark, much like a lot of the Japan scene has been of late.  Hard beats and lyrics that reflect a hustler attitude and non-stop grind, but then the transition around minute 14 shows an almost naive hope, a re-birth maybe.   And when I heard the innocent voice of Darren’s adorable mixed son speaking in English it confirmed what I already knew, this mix was about more than an eclectic selection from the ‘real’ music scene, it was a tribute to the collection of experiences in the British-born/Japan-kidnapped/one-half Spexsavers Mr. Tikini’s emotional state as of late.

This is by no means, ‘a pretty mix’, it’s for lovers of the paranormal, those experienced in heartbreak and emotional explosion.  Those of us able to be unbridled in our fury and desperate in our passion.  From around track 10 – Cas Ft Sheg Nasa – Spaced, the British hip hop influenced and slightly grimey London scene makes its presence known.  Check out the video’s visuals below.

In a lot of ways, I found the mix hard to listen to.  It brought up some emotions in me that I didn’t expect, raw feelings about life and the grind I personally have been on that have been a trial to deal with as of late.  For Tikini, I wonder if it was in that mind state that he free flowed in the booth to create this mix.

At the risk of alienating other age groups, the late 20s, early 30s range that me and my close friends are moving through right now involves a lot of transition and traditional lifetime milestones (marriage, kids, promotions, death of family members, etc.) It is also a moment where a lot of us are trying to decide if we can purse a passion as a full-time career and whether our responsibilities and relationships are adding unnecessary weight to our creative process.  It is a time to decide, is now the moment to be ‘selfish’?  Or am I beyond that opportunity because of my life decisions?  Am I prepared to live with the financial, familial and career consequences of my choices?

Perhaps I am reading too much into the mix, but as I listened to the raw sounds that blended into a short soundtrack to a snippet of my life that’s what I got out of it.

Not for the tame of heart, this mix will make you think.  And if it doesn’t, then you may want to check purgatory cuz your soul is lost in between this world and the next.

Photo by Jesse Freeman

Design by Reuben Cape:
Photography by Jesse Freeman:
Engineered by Kazuhiro Namba:

BMXers “spin” out fresh beats on bikes and ramps

I don’t even know what this is, a bike?  A turntable?  DOPE!

Another example that inspiration, hip hop and graceful athleticism complement each other in a way that you have to see and hear to get.

via Hip Hop 101 

Tune into web radio program @JapanVB



JVB – Japan Visionary Broadcasting

Your weekend has now officially begun.

A refreshing option to going out, enjoy good music and great DJs at home or in the office to get your weekend started.  You can tune in free to Japan Visionary Broadcasting via live web streaming.  Spinning a variety of good music, the DJs positive vibes and great energy transmit from their ‘secret’ studio location through to your PC, iPad or smart phone no matter what time zone you may be in.

Check it out 🙂



[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW] Talking with Japanese hip hop group Gagle of Jazzy Sport


@TokyoTwilighter EXCLUSIVE Interview with Gagle

Getting a behind the scenes look at music making brilliance

Last year I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview Japanese hip hop group Gagle.  We talked music, influences, family and appealing to the overseas audience.

Made up of brothers, MC Hunger, producer DJ Mitsu the Beats and long-time friend DJ Mu-r, the group has been together since 1996 making great music as part of independent label Jazzy Sport’s impressive catalog of Japanese artists.

Having been together since birth for the brothers and as a group since ’96, my first question was ‘Do you ever fight?’  To which the laid back trio was quick to reply, ‘Nope!’  Although younger brother Hunger did admit to being terrorized by older brother Mitsu as a child, sometimes when sleeping Mitsu would pour milk over his sibling to wake him up!

The onomatopoeic group name ‘Gagle’ comes from the word meaning a harsh or cacophonous sound which in the hip hop group’s earlier day’s accurately described their sound, especially Hunger’s distinct vocals, although they said over the years the music has chilled out quite a bit.

Beatmaker DJ Mitsu the Beats has gained international acclaim, with many of his videos on youtube gaining plus 100,000 hits and positive comments from fans even outside of Japan.  Mitsu’s music preferences tend towards old records, especially the 70s with his birth year being his favorite time period to sample from.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the group’s music yet, make sure to check out their music on iTunes and YouTube.

Thanks to it was all capture on film and put together with some amazing show footage.

Finally MC Hunger was kind enough to do a short freestyle for me and add my name!


TOKYO STYLE : Dig deep to spin fresh.


Straight out of Tokyo, a brand that redefines “urban street fashion”

Mynority Classics digs deep into the crates to bring a brand that gives a fresh spin on urban lifestyle brands.

When the line first launched, I gave you a firsthand look at the Japanese brand via popular Toronto based lifestyle website The response was enormous and everyone wanted to know… how do I get it in my time zone?

Well, now with the launch of their new website, MYC is finally available for on-line sales both in Japan and internationally.

Great news for overseas style watchers that have been trying to get their hands on the b-girl/b-boy inspired state of mind ever since its launch by dj sarasa and asami one in 2010.

As described by its creators:

“MYNORITY CLASSICS treasures the differences between individuals. Our bold, timeless attitude and style will fit perfectly into your wardrobe, allowing you to mix and match your clothing items for maximum impact. With MYNOIRTY CLASSICS express your true colors with confidence, and reach for a higher ideal with swagger.”

Fresh, sassy and practical for breakers and party people, even though it is designed for women by women the brand has unisex pieces popular with men as well.

The brand’s launch of its international website is a great move forward for the brand that continues to expand globally.

For more information check out their bilingual website

Also, make sure to follow them on tumblr here

Songstress TREZURE rocking MYC earrings

Happy Birthday @DJ_Sugi


One of my favorite DJs who I can’t say enough about is having his birthday party tonight!  Looking at the DJ and dancer line-up I know that the party is going to be CRAZY… so jealous that I can’t go 😦


For those who don’t know, DJ Sugi is one of the best DJs in the South hip hop scene in Japan.  Not only a DJ, he also works as a promoter for his own parties as well as setting up DJs and artists to tour in Japan.  Releasing popular south hip hop mixtapes regularly with exclusive hosting by people like Roscoe Dash and Lil Scrappy, I’m always looking forward to see who he’ll collaborate with next!


The party is at Azabu-Juban’s WAREHOUSE702 and I guarantee by 2am EVERYONE will be schwasted, dancing, partying and having a great time.


Happy birthday Sugi-san!

Raekwon confirmed for Japan tour

Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan is coming to Japan.

For those familiar with the Japanese party scene there is a distinct divide between the ‘Japanese’ parties and ‘international’ parties.

Depending on the promotion and promoters on events the kinds of crowds will different greatly in demographics.  While Raekwon is a universal symbol of hip hop who would no doubt be an act of interest for both sides of the fence, the fact that this event is being promoted by mostly ‘Japanese’ promoters means the foreign community has little knowledge of Raekwon’s invitation to perform in Japan.

While it would be nice to believe that music brings people together, attending events where it is rare to truly experience a ‘mixed crowd’ (by mixed I mean Japanese that rarely interact with the foreign community and foreigners that seldom venture outside their own comfort zone of English speakers) proves that ‘race relations’ in Japanese entertainment has a long way to go.


@DJSarasa drops latest mixtape SEARCHLIGHT Vol.1


The always dope, and forever fresh DJ Sarasa dropped her latest mixtape on 11.11.2011

Starting off with a shout-out from the now deceased Roc Raida, hip hop artists from worldwide including Rob Swift, DP One and El da Sensei dropped shout-outs to  show the most popular female hip hop DJ in Japan respect and love.

Stand-out tracks include a DJ Sarasa “Searchlight” exclusive with Japanese artists Darthreider, Dag Force & Mio Soul and the inclusion of international hip hop group Triune Gods (志人from降神, Bleubird, Scott Da Ros) with their track Core released in 2011.
Available for sale here
01. Non Phixion — Black Helicopters (2000)
02. East Flatbush Project — Tried By 12 (1996)
03. El Da Sensei — Got Dat? (2000)
04. dj honda — Out For The Cash (1996)
05. The X-Ecutioners — Word Play (1997)
06. Visionaries — Audible Angels (1998)
07. Defari — Bionic (1997)
08. Planet Asia — Callin The Shots (1999)
09. Smut Peddlers — One By One (1998)
10. Shabaam Sahdeeq — Arabian Nights (1997)
11. Rawcotiks –Magic Chef (1997)
12. Saukrates – Father Time (1995)
13. Group Home – Stupid Muthafuckas (1999)
14. Darthreider, Dag Force & Mio Soul – DJ SARASA “Searchlight” exclusive (2011)
15. Medina Green — Fla La Lashe (1998)
16. Living Legends – Black Glass (2001)
17. Looptroop — Zombies (2000)
18. Artifacts — Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (1994)
19. The Arsonists — Halloween (1999)
20. Monsta Island Czars -F@#K Y’All N!@@#’s (2002)
21. Rob Swift — Dope on Plastic (1999)
22. A Tribe Called Quest — Sucka Nigga (1993)
23. Chillin’ Villain Empire – Rhymin’s All A Mind Game (2000)
24. Triune Gods (志人from降神, Bleubird, Scott Da Ros) — Core (2011)
25. Latyrx — Storm Warning (1999)
26. Five Deez — Plasma Avenue (Nujabes Remix) (2003)
27. Tetrad the Gang of Four — On the Avenue (2010)
28. Dilated Peoples — Eardrums Pop (2000)
29. The Roots — Section (1996)
30. Stanly Clarke — Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra (Part IV) (1975)