[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW] Talking with Japanese hip hop group Gagle of Jazzy Sport


@TokyoTwilighter EXCLUSIVE Interview with Gagle

Getting a behind the scenes look at music making brilliance

Last year I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview Japanese hip hop group Gagle.  We talked music, influences, family and appealing to the overseas audience.

Made up of brothers, MC Hunger, producer DJ Mitsu the Beats and long-time friend DJ Mu-r, the group has been together since 1996 making great music as part of independent label Jazzy Sport’s impressive catalog of Japanese artists.

Having been together since birth for the brothers and as a group since ’96, my first question was ‘Do you ever fight?’  To which the laid back trio was quick to reply, ‘Nope!’  Although younger brother Hunger did admit to being terrorized by older brother Mitsu as a child, sometimes when sleeping Mitsu would pour milk over his sibling to wake him up!

The onomatopoeic group name ‘Gagle’ comes from the word meaning a harsh or cacophonous sound which in the hip hop group’s earlier day’s accurately described their sound, especially Hunger’s distinct vocals, although they said over the years the music has chilled out quite a bit.

Beatmaker DJ Mitsu the Beats has gained international acclaim, with many of his videos on youtube gaining plus 100,000 hits and positive comments from fans even outside of Japan.  Mitsu’s music preferences tend towards old records, especially the 70s with his birth year being his favorite time period to sample from.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the group’s music yet, make sure to check out their music on iTunes and YouTube.

Thanks to Magik.jp it was all capture on film and put together with some amazing show footage.

Finally MC Hunger was kind enough to do a short freestyle for me and add my name!

Billboard Live Music Event : @JoseJamesMusic [Brought to you by Jazzy Sport]

Jose James performs at Billboard Live Tokyo & Osaka


Sexy man, sexy voice… what else could a girl want in the post-Valentine’s day blues.


I mention again and again my admiration for Japanese music selectors for their ability to find high-quality music worldwide and import it into Japan, successfully bridging the gap between language, music and culture… intersecting somewhere near audio-sensory perfection.

For myself I was first introduced to Jose James via  Japanese label Jazzy Sport’s DJ and producer Mitsu the Beats who created such a delectable collaboration with the NYC artist that I could hear, taste and smell New York almost as vividly as I could feel and see Mitsu’s record needle and music notes weave a dream within a dream of vinyls, NYC sidewalks and couples with hands clasped on an autumn day through Yoyogi park.



Is it possible to want to fall in love and have it broken just to be able to fall in love again all at the same time?


That’s how this music makes me feel, that’s how Jose James makes me yearn.



Jose James will  performing live in Tokyo, Japan February 18th & 19th as well as Osaka on February 20th

You can follow him on twitter @JoseJamesmusic … but it looks like the only person he follows back is @DalaiLama 😉

Learn more about him in the video below.


11.18.2011 [Fri] Budamunk / Blunted Monkey Fist Release Party


Jazzy Sport has yet to lead me astray when it comes to good music.  A dope independent label based out of Japan artists signed with them include hip hop trio Gagle, DJ and producer Twigy, songstress Mika Arisaka and more.

Budamunk has been getting a lot of chatter on the production side of music for his profound beat-making and strong networking skills on the Japanese domestic scene as well as international level.  His music manages to achieve that tricky balance of remaining true to the roots of real hip hop without compromising his Japanese heritage.  A signature of all his beats includes samplings of traditional Japanese instrumentals, lines from old Japanese movies or TV and of course Japanese ‘nihongo’ rap lyrics.  For those looking for a chill evening out with some real hardcore music lovers Club Bar Family will be the spot to check out this Friday.

2011.11.18[Fri] at club bar family
OPEN : 22:30
ADV : 2,000yen-1d, 1,500yen-1d with flyer


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#np S.L.A.C.K. – NEXT (Produced by BUDAMUNKY)

#np Promise in Love- DJ Mitsu the Beats feat. Jose James