Billboard Live Music Event : @JoseJamesMusic [Brought to you by Jazzy Sport]

Jose James performs at Billboard Live Tokyo & Osaka


Sexy man, sexy voice… what else could a girl want in the post-Valentine’s day blues.


I mention again and again my admiration for Japanese music selectors for their ability to find high-quality music worldwide and import it into Japan, successfully bridging the gap between language, music and culture… intersecting somewhere near audio-sensory perfection.

For myself I was first introduced to Jose James via  Japanese label Jazzy Sport’s DJ and producer Mitsu the Beats who created such a delectable collaboration with the NYC artist that I could hear, taste and smell New York almost as vividly as I could feel and see Mitsu’s record needle and music notes weave a dream within a dream of vinyls, NYC sidewalks and couples with hands clasped on an autumn day through Yoyogi park.



Is it possible to want to fall in love and have it broken just to be able to fall in love again all at the same time?


That’s how this music makes me feel, that’s how Jose James makes me yearn.



Jose James will  performing live in Tokyo, Japan February 18th & 19th as well as Osaka on February 20th

You can follow him on twitter @JoseJamesmusic … but it looks like the only person he follows back is @DalaiLama 😉

Learn more about him in the video below.


Favorite Season of the Year : SCARVES!

via Rakuten

I pulled the whole page off of Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten… I normally wouldn’t do that but I wanted to show the pictures at the top with the American celebs wearing the brand.  I always thought it was interesting that Japanese marketing teams show foreign (usually American actresses/actors) wearing the brand, but hardly ever Japanese celebs.  Then again we don’t have paparazzi like that out here.  If you want your brand to sell here get lots of photos with American celebs wearing it.  It used to be that a photo of Cameron Diaz wearing your brand could move 100s of units in Japan.  Today it could be a toss-up, although Kate Moss has always been a perennial favorite.   The power of product placement.