INTERVIEW : @DJMonumental ready to return to ‘the Far East’

The Dynamic Duo – J-Lie & DJ Monumental

Dubbed “the young genius from Brooklyn” the youthful @DJ Monumental is already making moves big enough in NYC to catch the attentions of trendsetters and promoters in the Far East.  Hear him spin and watch the handsome party person mingle with his mostly female fan base and it’s easy to understand why Tokyo taste-maker @NaoDiddy has chosen him as a brand ambassador for his popular Asia-based hip hop inspired Magic Stick apparel street brand.

Sneakerhead, ‘good health’ spokesperson and the most popular DJ under 25 in the New York metropolitan scene right now, the ambitious entrepreneur has received co-signs from colleagues such as Bow Wow’s Tour DJ and long-time friend DJ Jus to government officials like respected New York State Senator Martin.  Already getting booked regularly for gigs overseas in Europe and the West Indies,  DJ Monumental returns to Japan for a second time in 2012 to headline his first Japan DJ Tour.  The “Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12” kicks off on November 2nd and will include club play, in-stores and fan meet & greets across Japan.

Name: DJ Monumental
Occupation:  Trendsetter
Twitter: @DJMonumental

@TokyoTwilighter How did your first Japan tour come about? 
@DJMonumental Being that I’m J-Lie‘s (New York movement Slowbucks first artist) official DJ, J got the call for Swag Family Legacy’s “Summer Music Festival” and the rest is now history
@TokyoTwilighter What was the highlight of your trip?
@DJMonumental That’s a really hard question. There were so many highlights. It’s a toss up between the  show at Espirit Beach House that turned into a foam party and the after party at Vanity Lounge for the Zepp Tokyo Show. GOOD TIMES!
@TokyoTwilighter Where did you shop and what did you buy?
@DJMonumental I didn’t get to do as much damage as I wanted because our schedule was FULL.  I was able to do a little shopping in Harajuku the day before we left.  I got a little carried away at Supreme, Undefeated, Bape and Kinetics.  I was able to find a lot of pieces which were sold out in New York. Good thing I didn’t have much time to shop huh LOL!
@TokyoTwilighter How was the food, anything you couldn’t eat?
@DJMonumental Being that I’m a man who L-O-V-E-S food, there wasn’t anything that I wasn’t willing to try! My favorite dish has to be OKONOMIYAKI! (a Japanese omlette) I’ve never had anything like it. Thank you J-Lie and Nati (J-Lie’s Japan road manager) for the introduction.
@TokyoTwilighter What surprised you the most that went against your expectations of Japan? of Tokyo? 
@DJMonumental Our driver D-Nice was listening to Chopped and Screwed music, that was probably the last thing I would of expected to hear in Japan.  Come to find out there’s quite a large following of southern Hip-Hop culture in Japan.
@TokyoTwilighter What Japanese words or customs did you learn?
@DJMonumental Arigato (thank you), watashi wa nihon ga daisuki (I love Japan) and my favorite HAI! (yeah).

One half of the #DreamTeam

@TokyoTwilighter You were able to DJ in concert with @JLie and in the club as a headliner, how did the party scene in Tokyo compare to your NYC hometown?

@DJMonumental Honestly, at times I would forget that we were in Japan.  I felt like I was home until I looked up and everyone had their camera phones out recording us.  Lol.  (DJ Monumental performed at Zepp Tokyo and spun at Shimbashi 300 Bar, Vanity Lounge and on Enoshima beach.)
@TokyoTwilighter What songs that you spun got the biggest reaction?  
@DJMonumental SHOTS! SHOTS! SH-SHOTS! Lol LMFAO feat Lil Jon – Shots, worked every time.
@TokyoTwilighter Anything you didn’t get to do that you aim to get done next time?
@DJMonumental I would love to visit more Japanese monuments, do some real shopping and take a ride on the train , it’s the  New York in me.
@TokyoTwilighter When will you be back to Japan?
@DJMonumental November 1st! for my very own tour.  The Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12

Hometown Hero Japan Tour 12 Schedule


11/2 (FRI) “CEREAL KILLA” @ Erecktrik Jinja(六本木)
                 @ Manhattan Records(渋谷)
11/8 (THU) “MAKE OR TAKE” @ UCess Louge(原宿)
11/9 (FRI) “FLY FRIDAY” @ Bar One(大阪)
                  @ Manhattan Records(大阪)
11/11 (SUN) B’S KITCHEN @ Sam & Dave’s(大阪)
Contact DJ Monumental’s Japan promotion team the #JapanCrew @ILMPJapan for more details.
Check out Dj Monumental’s favorite Tokyo-based clothing brand Magic Stick here

Whitney Houston live in Japan

Whitney performing in Osaka, Japan circa 1991

Then in 2010 Japan got a special treat when Ms. Houston sold out the Saitama Super Arena 3 DAYS IN A ROW.

And she nailed those last 3 notes of ‘I Will Always Love You’

She wasn’t washed up, she was reborn every time she walked onto that stage, blessed be that phoenix who rose from her own ashes.

Japan will miss you.




Whitney Houston (Vocal)
Michael Baker (Drums, Musical Director)
Sherrod Barnes (Guitars)
Matthew Garrison (Bass)
Jetro Da Silva (Keyboards)
Shedrick Mitchell (Keyboards)
Adi Yashaya (Keyboards)
Bashiri Johnson (Percussion)
Cindy Mizelle (Background Vocals)
Valerie Pinkston (Background Vocals)
Sharlotte Gibson (Backgournd Vocals)
Gary Houston (Background Vocals)
Dres Reid (Dancer)
Shannon Holtzappfel (Dancer)
Ryan Chandler (Dancer)
Tre Holloway (Dancer)

■ セットリスト:ホイットニー・ヒューストン@さいたまスーパーアリーナ
Setlist : Whitney Houston @ Saitama Super Arena, February 14, 2010

show started 16:15
00. Intro
01. For The Lovers [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
02. Nothin’ But Love [From CD “I Look To You”2009]
03. I Look To You[From CD “I Look To You”2009]
04. My Love Is Your Love [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
05. If I Told You That [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
06. It’s Not Right But It’s OK [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998] (Whitney out of stage)
07. For The Love Of You (Sung by Gary Houston) [Isley Brothers, Whitney]
08. Queen Of The Night [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]
–. Video Montage (One Moment In Time) [Recorded Song]
(Whitney came back on stage)
09. (Unplugged Medley #09-12) Saving All My Love For You [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
10. The Greatest Love Of All [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
11. All At Once [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
12. I Learned From The Best [From CD “My Love Is Your Love”1998]
13. Amazing Grace [Traditional]
14. I Love The Lord [From CD “Preacher’s Wife”1996]
—-. A riff of “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Missing You”, “You’re The Man In My Life”(Lady In My Life).
15. I Wanna Dance With Somebody [From CD “Whitney”1987]
16. How Will I Know [From CD “Whitney Houston”1985]
17. I Will Always Love You [From CD “Bodyguard”1992]

Enc. Million Dollar Bill [From CD “I Look To You”2009]

show ended 18:01

[ Saitama Super Arena show info via here]

See more photos from the 2010 Japan tour here

Versace for H&M : Osaka, JAPAN

H&M opened its second shop in Osaka, Japan on November 17th.  November 19th Versace began sales of its collaboration line for H&M in stores worldwide.  Metal studs which have dominated Fall 2011 are also prevalent in the Versace line, but their signature prints and bold pinks, blues and yellows are also prevalent.  Enjoy the lookbook below.

[Video] @BowWow Tours Japan with @IAMDJJUS @MyNameIsRico

About a week ago I posted a blog about the Bow Wow Japan tour here

Well, he came, he saw and did the whole thing in Japanese… okay not quite but he definitely rocked the Japanese crowds.  Full report coming soon, but if you want to have a look at what it looks like when the Japanese fans see @BowWow in person here’s a quick video by his cameraman @MyNameisRico

And yes, Bow Wow definitely did buy those red Adidas you see in the video and YES that lobster was definitely alive when they threw it on the grill and chopped him up right there on the spot.  The whole trip was filled with good music, crazy comedy and of course amazing fans.

*sidenote DJ Jus is one of the most entertaining tour DJs to watch on stage that I’ve seen in a very long time!  After the Nagoya show I went out partying and all people kept asking me was where is the DJ?  We want to party with the DJ!

@BowWow heads back to the WOMB… in Shibuya that is


2010 and 2011 has been a rough period for concert organizers in Japan.  Between sudden cancellations by artists, beef between promoters and the Tohoku earthquake wiping more than 3 months of concerts from the Japan music scene it is no wonder that fans are a bit apprehensive to buy advance tickets.

However, in the case of the Bow Wow Tour being brought to us by 2REntertainment and Starnite Entertainment everything seems legit.  Fox channels will be airing an interview with the artist on their brand new BS238 channel, MTV has begun raffeling off tickets to a few lucky fans via their website and the Universal Japan twitter has been grinding out tweets to promote the tour.

But probably the best PR for the event was provided for Bow Wow himself when he tweeted in Japanese that he’d be performing in Japan.

For those who’ve not yet had the opportunity to party in Shibuya, one of the most famous clubs in Tokyo with the hottest sound system is a spot called Shibuya WOMB.  People such as A-Trak and Trey Songz have performed there in the past, and now this Thursday, October 27th Bow Wow will also be headed back to the Womb.

What made Bow Wow’s tweet the great topic of conversation was the direct translation of WOMB (the club uses the Western alphabet, rather than Japanese) into it’s Japanese Kanji form 子宮 It is unlikely that many Japanese were actually aware of the real meaning of WOMB.  This random use of English words for aesthetics by the entertainment industry and graphic designers is rather common in Japan.   Well, one can imagine the confusion when fans tried to figure out where the ‘womb of shibuya’ was and why Bow Wow would be performing there.  lol

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity just poor spin.  It would seem to be true in Bow Wow’s case, as his optimistic use of Google translate provided a fun conversation starter for music fans.

Bow Wow’s concert tour is as follows and for those of you unable to make it to Tokyo yours truly will be live tweeting the entire week 🙂

Thursday, October 27th – Shibuya Womb
Friday, October 28th – Yokohama Blitz & Starnite Chiba
Saturday, October 29th – Diamond Hall Nagoya
Sunday, October 30th – Universe Osaka

For tickets, please visit the e+ link below:

For more details about the tour, please visit: