@Raye6 @Alivegreenst @TreZureEmpire Perform in Shibuya GLAD

One year later and the NYC crew has returned to Tokyo, Japan.  Building upon their experiences as performers in the Japan Music Week and Yume Fest in 2010, Trezure, A-Live of Greenstreet and Raye 6 returned to an even busier line-up and day to day schedule this November.

With photo shoots, music video filming and licensing negotiations, on top of the day to day performances at locations around Tokyo, Japan these indie artists made the most of their talents and resources to maximize on the the results.

To start off the November festivities with a splash last week (November 10) Trezure performed with A-Live their hit ‘Shibuya nights’ on a Shibuya stage for the very first time at Club Glad.  Afterwards the always sensual and slightly unpredictable (in a good way) ‘woman with the hurricane vocals’ Raye 6 blew the audience away with her set, closing with the very provocative ‘Daddy’.

While encouraging to newcomers the Japanese music is especially critical on long-term success and support.  Artists, indie and major label, talented enough to navigate language barriers, cultural differences and long distance international travel must also be humble enough to learn respect in Japanese business culture.  However, while the Japanese music industry may be demanding on one’s ego and patience it also offers long-term returns on loyal relationships and a career long fan base that will stay retain interest even after the first 15 minutes or breaking news flash.

Artists such as Raye 6, A-live and Trezure appear to be accepting and embracing the Japanese culture and mindset with professionalism and optimism.  No doubt they will be invited back again in 2012 to perform.

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