DJ Mitsu the Beats-My Simple ft. Aruma & 孤独少年 ft. S.L.A.C.K.

‘The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom’ nominated for an Academy Award


The most beautiful thing to watch can also be the most painful thing to experience.

Nearly one-year later after 3.11


In the weeks that come, the tv, the web, the conversations, the memories will be flooded with 3.11 stories and experiences as the one-year memorial quickly approaches.


And while for some it will just be a yearly newsflash and for others the most significant event of their lives, for everyone that’s seen the footage it is clear that the worst things can happen to the best people, the best things can rise from the worst situations and no matter how terrible the circumstances, there is always a reminder of hope in the smallest of flowers blossoming every spring.

#NP GAGLE – うぶこえ(See the light of day)

Gagle is a hip hop group from the Sendai area, its members are DJ Mu-r, MC Hunger and Mitsu the Beats.  Surviving the 3.11 earthquake despite their proximity to the epicenter Gagle uses their music to promote awareness about what’s going on in Northern Japan.  This song is their charity song for The East Japan Earthquake.

directed by Kazufumi Kimura (KIMGYM)
photo by Watabe 4500 & Gerhun

available on iTMS world wide :