Tokyo is #Swagg : Interview with @RoscoeDash

Roscoe Dash, Kalio, YT and DJ Kuttthroat on stage at Yokohama Bayside

While most may see Roscoe Dash as an internationally demanded ‘hook’ man, recent releases including  ‘Awesome’ and ‘Good, Good Night’ have drawn the attention away from just his hooks capturing listeners from beginning to end with his versatility and clever wordplay.  More than a rapper, the budding entrepreneur has a lot of big projects in the works.  Stay tuned for a brand expected to be as innovative as his music.

Name: Roscoe Dash
Occupation: Rapper
Twitter: @RoscoeDash

@TokyoTwilighter : When did you visit Tokyo?

July 15-18 of this year (2011), I was booked for a 5 show tour to promote my mixtape Dash Effect. 

@TokyoTwilighter : What did you enjoy about your trip the most?
The hospitality and food =) and of course meeting my Japanese fans!

@TokyoTwilighter : What surprised you about Tokyo and its people?

How clean and neat everything is….Wayyyyy better than America. And also how nice and embracing the people were, especially my Japan WM street team @TeamRosoceJPN went above and beyond for us.

@Taison_WM poses with the Wreckless Myndstate crew at Narita Airport

@TokyoTwilighter :  How was the food?

Excellent, a lot of things were different but eye opening at the same time. 

@TokyoTwilighter : Where was the best place to party?

EVERYWHERE we attended was AMAZING.  It’s really hard to choose the BEST, I mean we were in JAPAN what’s not to love!!??

[Editor’s note: Roscoe appeared at Yokohama Bayside, Azabu-Juban’s Warehouse, Fussa’s Kamikaze and Vanity Lounge in Roppongi]

@TokyoTwilighter :  What did you bring back from Tokyo to the US?

A LOT of TRUE RELIGION & A LOT of  clothing from LHP in Harajyuku #Swagg


@TokyoTwilighter :  What do you DEFINITELY want to do the next time you visit that you haven’t done yet?

Go sight seeing, our tour was so packed that there wasn’t a chance but next time for sure.

While Roscoe Dash and his crew were in Japan I was lucky enough to meet them.  While I’d heard how down-to-earth they were I had the chance to experience it firsthand when I struggled to park a 10 passenger van into a tiny parking spot on a Tokyo side street.  Without hesitation, Roscoe and his security Blaze graciously stepped in to park the car for me.  At the very end the group of bystanders that had collected nearby all clapped for us, they were as impressed at I was to see a foreigner whip a car into a Tokyo parking space.  I’m sure that someone has the whole experience recorded onto their iPhone.

For more photos from the Japan tour you can check here.